Day 1: Readin’ a book.

Heyo everyone! I’m pretty excited since this is my diary entry. This blog will be dedicated to all about Club Penguin but NOT just diary entries. 

So, I started off with Stars in the coffee shop… pretty civilized in here aha.


Then it got me wondering… How come anniversary parties are always in the coffee shop? Why not the Pizza parlor or… the night club? (what an awesome idea)


I waddled up to the book room as Stars wanted to finish off some more Halloween quests. But yeah… not much penguins were there except the ones that were just reading books.


A blue penguin called me over and wanted to play mancala with me, obviously he was very skilled and I lost! 😦


So I started to read a book called “The Spice of Life” I never really read any books in the Book room but this was the first time, I remember when they had paint by numbers and that was really fun 😀


Smulley and Suneroo were two penguins that lived together in a nice clean igloo. Smulley was the youngest of the two and very wild and adventurous. Whereas, Suneroo, the eldest of the two, was mature and well mannered. He always loved a clean igloo. “Let’s go to the ice berg!” Smulley shouted. “Hey! Take your boots of in the igloo!” Suneroo screamed.


“Oh sorry! I forgot!” Smulley giggled. “Why would you want to go to the iceberg?” Suneroo asked. “Well… we could tip it!” Smulley exclaimed. “Smulley, you know the iceberg will NEVER tip.” Suneroo explained. “That’s not true! I know it will today! Today’s the day! I can feel it in my flippers!” Smulley chuckled. “Maybe tomorrow…” Suneroo sighed. “Hey, how about the Spice of Life? A huge spaceship!” Smulley said with a light bulb above his head. “Smulley you can’t create a spaceship in your own igloo.” Suneroo laughed. Smulley looked at Suneroo and started moving couches and moving bowls until… A huge spaceship was created! “This is my spaceship Suneroo! forget all that cleaning come join with me!” Smulley said victoriously.Picture7

Suneroo grinned at Smulley and suddenly leapt on the couch. “5,4,3,2,1” Smulley yelled. “We have lift off Houston!” Sunneroo announced. “Let’s fly to the iceberg!” Smulley beamed.


I closed the mildly-dusty book and put it back in the shelves. What an amazing book! I need to read more of these next time! It was practically dark!


Well I better head back to my igloo! See ya guys!



1st post!

Why hello everyone!

You may of heard me from the S3CPTEAM blog run by Stars and sometimes ran by me. Well, don’t fear! the S3CPTEAM blog is still running, this is just an extra blog run by me, It’s basically a diary of my life on the cold island of Club Penguin. 🙂 

This blog won’t just be a diary but I’ll be blogging other things as well.

Stay tuned as my first diary entry will begin tomorrow! 😀